Notice to Our Valued Chamber Members

January 13, 2017

CEO Position Proposed to Merge as CEO/President

The Pacifica Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors would like to make a change to its organizational structure. Per our Bylaws the Chamber membership needs to be notified and informed.

The current structure for the Board of Directors includes the following titles.

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Chief Executive Officer, (CEO)

We would like to endorse the merging of the President and CEO as one position. This structure is more in line with organizations across our industry.

What does this change mean? Currently the CEO can recommend changes to Chamber processes, to the Chamber Board of Directors. However, the CEO does not have a voting voice for proposed recommendations. This change would allow the new position, President/CEO, the right to vote on any recommendations.

The current Bylaws require all contracts to be signed by the President. This change would allow the President/CEO to sign contracts. However, review by the board of directors will be conducted before the conclusion of any contract.

If a Chamber member should have questions or concerns regarding this proposed change, an informational link will be available on our website where comments and questions can be voiced. The final decision will be based on the valued feedback provided by the Chamber’s membership.

Kind regards,
Vickie Flores, CEO
Pacifica Chamber of Commerce

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